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If you have been a LuLaRoe representative within the past four years, suffered any loss as a result, and are not a mentor-level participant, the Arnold Law Firm can help. If you hire us as an individual client, it allows us to protect your rights, and it lets us communicate privately within attorney-client privilege.


Please complete this intake form. Your responses are confidential. (Sorry to those who have provided some of this information to us already.)


The next page is the contract to hire us. You can esign online, and we will esign and give you a copy online immediately. We will also email you a copy (check the spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.)


If you prefer to print and hand-sign your agreement, you can download a copy here.

* Please note that we are unable to represent mentors or actual employees or owners of LLR, Inc or LuLaRoe LLC. Such persons or their agents should not utilize this form, and are advised that their submissions, if any, will not be treated as confidential or as an inquiry for legal advice.